Crypto Bites W43 (Oct. 24, 2020)

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais shared his thoughts about the market opportunity at an interview with BeInCrypto. He firmly believes that “Gaming is one of the most viable use cases for blockchain and we’re often seeing trends of gamers being early adopters of technology, so we definitely see Atari token as a way to bring gamers into the world of blockchain.”

Binance CEO, CZ, disclosed on a blog post that in the Crypto Against COVID campaign, the company have raised $4.3 million worth of cryptocurrency in total, with $3.3 million donated from the Binance ecosystem. Binance have deployed $3.7 million to purchase 1.7 million personal protection equipment (PPEs) and distribute them to 23 countries, especially in nations that were hit the worst by the pandemic.

Non Fungible Tokens aka NTFs are a growing trend across many industries like fashion or art. Consultant and digital artist Paolo Anziano sold one of his PUNKS for 4.5ETH (about $2K), they are currently showing at a german Center for Art and Media, and still has three for sale. Interested?

Still not believe NFTs are a big trend? Click here and here and get access to a marketplace where digital items secured with Blockchain are sold.

Any content creative can easily certify and get a proof of authorship of all their digital cretivities and contents including music, video, books by creating a digital print with a timestamp in the Ethereum blockchain network, share and monetize it. Artists and Creatives can visit SmartRights.

*Song of the week: Aretha Franklin “Chain Of Fools”